Don't just visit, but stay, says the Chamber of Commerce

TheDigitel Myrtle Beach on Flickr

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce will begin a new ad campaign in the spring aimed at highlighting the Grand Strand as a great place to live - something we all already know.

Who doesn't want a house at the beach, right?  The Chamber of Commerce plans to capitalize on this notion and build a website, run ads, and produce promotional materials that highlight the real estate market, as well as the nicer aspects of living here, such as general friendliness and low taxes.  While it's not uncommon for a Chamber to provide relocation information, it is unique for them to be proactive in finding those who may be interested in a move.

You can read the full story in this WPDE report

Think this effort will make an impact on real estate and the overall economy of the greater Grand Strand?  And if you had to tell an out-of-towner the three things you love most about living here, what would they be?

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