Atlantic coast set for its first tropical cyclone of 2010 (updated)

Update July 22: It has indeed turned into a tropical depression and is expected to reach tropical storm strength, but luckily for us in the Lowcountry it appears to be headed more on a western path into the Gulf.

First reporting: All weather eyes are on the Bahamas this morning as an area of moisture and circulation churns and appears set to reach the level of a tropical depression if not an out right tropical storm, and possibly continue to strengthen.

The National Weather Service says, "Visible satellite images and observations from the Bahamas indicate that the area of low pressure in the southeastern Bahamas has become better organized and a closed circulation has formed.  Advisories on a tropical depression or a tropical storm will be initiated at 11 a.m. EDT today. This advisory will likely include tropical storm watches and warnings for portions of the Bahamas and southern Florida. "

Expect an update come 11 a.m.

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