Charleston-based air wing receives award

The Air Force Association has awarded the 437th Airlift Wing at Charleston Air Force Base with the 2008 Verne Orr Award.

The award is given primarily for effective use of human resources. The Air Force writes:
The Air Force Association established this award in honor of former Secretary of the Air Force Verne Orr. The award recognizes an Air Force unit (active or Reserve) that makes the most effective use of its human resources.

The wing delivered more than 213 million pounds of cargo, 24,000 passengers and executed more than 19,000 missions, 23 percent more than any other wing, with an Air Mobility Command-best reliability rate of 96 percent. It developed an emergency fuel plan allowing 16,000 predator flight hours, a 30 percent increase from original planning. Leading AMC, the wing initiated the aerial port expeditor program, saving more than 199 man-hours per month and reducing the launch sequence of events by 55 percent.

The 437th Air Wing's primary goal is to lift troops and cargo. Wikipedia writes:

The mission of the 437 AW is to command assigned airlift and supporting units; provide for the airlift of troops and passengers, military equipment, cargo and aeromedical airlift and to participate in operations involving the airland or airdrop of troops, equipment and supplies when required.

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