Dredge spoils leaking from Morris Island impoundment

Image by Flickr user Bohemianism

A South Carolina Ports Authority dumping ground for dredge spoils, scrapings from the Charleston Harbor bottom to be exact, is leaking out along shores of Morris Island and has Folly Beach officials and conservationists quite concerned.

Some 40 precent of the levee guarding the 525-acre impoundment has been breached and black, yellow and orange debris has been sifting out toward surrounding beach and marshland. Some say they've even spotted an oily product leaking out in a few places.

Land disposal sites are created for two reason: as a dumping site for contaminated materials or to place sand too fine to stay in place offshore. SPA public relations director claims the reason for the Morris Island dumping ground is the latter of the two.

Contaminated or not, the State Ports Authority, the Army Corps or the state Department of Health and Environmental Control have no reinforcement work or toxicity tests  planned.

The Post and Courier has a lengthy report on the breach. Read it here.



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