North Charleston Arts Festival Judged Fine Art & Photography Competition Winners Announced

Fine artists and amateur and professional photographers from across the state and were invited to participate in the 2015 Judged Fine Art and Judged Photography Competitions & Exhibitions, organized annually by the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department and presented May 1-9 as a component of the 2015 North Charleston Arts Festival.  A total of 269 fine art entries were accepted in the categories of oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawing/pastel, and 2D mixed media.  Cash awards totaling $3,175 were made at the sole discretion of the judge, Wim Roefs, an independent curator, author, art consultant, exhibition designer, and owner of The if ART Gallery in Columbia, SC.

A total of 174 entries were accepted in photography, which were split into the divisions of Professional/Advanced and Amateur and categorized as color, monochrome, or digitally enhanced.  Cash awards totaling $1,925 were awarded by a panel of three judges using the Photographic Society of America Print Guidelines.  Each judge evaluated entries as a whole, considering the areas of impact, composition, and technique. 

In addition to awards given by the judges, three fine art pieces were selected for City of North Charleston Purchase Awards. These pieces will be added to the City of North Charleston’s Permanent Public Art Collection, which is on display within North Charleston City Hall throughout most of the year.

Congratulations to the winners:

Best in Show – Fine Art
Children of the Gilded Age (oil) by Christopher Dotson (Charleston, SC)

City of North Charleston Purchase Awards
Coney Island Ladies (watercolor) by Peter Scala (North Charleston, SC)
Windblown (acrylic) by Faith Cuda (Summerville, SC)
Blue Crab Crawl (acrylic) by Tracy Gansrow (Mt. Pleasant, SC))

Fine Art - Acrylic
1st Place – Buying Peanuts by Debbie Broadway (Florence, SC)
2nd place – Feed the Birds by Brenda Gilliam (Charleston, SC)
3rd Place – Ebb-Tide by Lee Wieland (Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention – Spring Preening III by Amanda Mclenon (Daniel Island, SC)
Honorable Mention – Sucks Being Short by Khaliya Davis (Orangeburg, SC)
Honorable Mention – Marsh Inlet #2 by Lee Wieland (Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention – Herod’s Folly by Pedro Rodriguez (Hanahan, SC)

Fine Art - Oil
1st Place – Time Machine by Christopher Dotson (Charleston, SC)
2nd Place – Resting by Peter Scala (North Charleston, SC)
3rd Place – Roses by Marilyn Brown (North Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention – Reflection by Deborah Boyet (Bennettsville, SC)

Fine Art - Drawing/Pastel
1st place – The Elephant Man by Paul Christina (Charleston, SC)
2nd Place – Self Portrait with Wolves by Paige Duvall (North Charleston, SC)
3rd Place – Resplendence by Judith Chamberlin (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
Honorable Mention – Fakebeard by Daryl Armstrong (Goose Creek, SC)
Honorable Mention – Fruit of Tammy by Hayes Lott (Summerville, SC)
Honorable Mention – A Somber Night of Contemplation by Daniel Diehl (North Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention – Our Boys by Calley Hille (Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention – Every Story Has a Name by Bob Graham (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
Honorable Mention - Eternal Love by Susan Everitt (Bluffton, SC)
Honorable Mention - Matthew 10:16 by Pamela Corwin (Ladson, SC)
Honorable Mention - Totem by Paige Duvall (Charleston, SC)

Fine Art - Watercolor
1st Place – Underwater School by Adelia Shirer Ruth (Saluda, SC)
2nd Place - Camellia III by Deborah Boyet (Bennettsville, SC)
3rd Place – For an Audience by Eric Vest (Summerville, SC)
Honorable Mention – The Musician by Anna Kay Singley (Prosperity, SC)

Fine Art - 2D Mixed Media
1st Place – Tulip Tree by Belle Anderson (Goose Creek, SC)
2nd Place – Dance by Greyson Smith (Hollywood, SC)
3rd Place – Happy Hour by Denise L. Greer (Rembert, DC)
Honorable Mention - The Evening of Consequence… by Paul Christina (Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention - Shrimp by Susan Haynes (North Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention - Rooted Memories by Linda Wasielewski (Isle of Palms, SC)
Honorable Mention - Downtown by Greyson Smith (Hollywood, SC)
Honorable Mention - Splash by Greyson Smith (Hollywood, SC)
Honorable Mention - Flutterbye by Maureen Carter (Columbia, SC)
Honorable Mention - Meta by Shawn Allison (Charleston, SC)

Professional Photography - Color
1st Place – Napoleon Complex by Melissa Habrat (Summerville, SC)
2nd Place – Sound Peace by Melissa Habrat (Summerville, SC)
3rd Place – Shred by Tim Whitfield (Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention – Starfish in the Surf by Justin Falk (Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention – The Three R’s by Peter Ingrasselino (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

Professional Photography - Monochrome
1st Place – Old Grand-Dad by by Peter Ingrasselino (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
2nd Place - Into My Dream by Tim Whitfield (Charleston, SC)
3rd Place – Daily Wisdom by Peter Ingrasselino (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
Honorable Mention – Clearing November Storm by Charleston W. Hooker (Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention – Mrs. Rob’s Corner by Gloria Welch (Charleston, SC)

Professional Photography – Digitally Enhanced
1st Place – Eluding Sleep by Samantha Goss (Charleston, SC)
2nd Place – Butterfly Gardens at Sunrise by Samantha Goss (Charleston, SC)
3rd Place – Rainy Days by Samantha Goss (Charleston, SC)
Honorable Mention – Taking Flight by Samantha Goss (Charleston, SC)

Amateur Photography - Color
1st Place – Middleton Reflections by Jim Miller (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
2nd Place – Avocets by Jim Miller (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
3rd Place – Western Sky by Ron Mosely (Hanahan, SC)
Honorable Mention – Returning to the Nest by Ron Mosely (Hanahan, SC)
Honorable Mention – Pelicans by Jim Miller (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

Amateur Photography - Monochrome
1st Place – Popeye by Jim Miller (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
2nd Place – Racers by Linda Vodzak (Johns Island, SC)
3rd Place – Bay from a Day Dream by Timothy H. Burke (Goose Creek, SC)
Honorable Mention – Bridge in Fog by Melissa Honor (Summerville, SC)

Amateur Photography – Digitally Enhanced
1st Place – Magical Library by Milire Glenn (Orangeburg, SC)
2nd Place – Folly Pier at Sunrise by Richard Kaminsky (Summerville, SC)

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