North Myrtle Beach avoids tourism tax (Update: Going well)

Update March 13, 2012: So far 11 businesses have signed up for the voluntary $1.00 promotional fee. 

The fee is imposed on tourists coming to stay in North Myrtle Beach, the extra $1 is spent promoting the town to out-of-market visitors. Similar to the Myrtle Beach 1% sales tax, however North Myrtle's solution is 100% voluntary and only effects tourists and not the locals. 

Five to six more businesses are interested in signing up, with the hopes of creating a $500,000 pool of cash for the ad campaign. 

Hop on over to WMBF News for the full write-up and broadcast.


Update January 1, 2012: According to this weekend's Tourism Talk in The Sun News, the North Myrtle Beach Chamber has pressed forward with it's private hospitality fee.

North Myrtle Beach Chamber president Marc Jordan estimates this will generate over $500,000 per year for the purposes of marketing North Myrtle Beach to out of area markets. The money will be managed by a board representing the participating hotels and properties. The Sun News has more details here.

First Report: The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce is considering a proposed $1 per room, per night hotel fee to get money for marketing NMB outside of the area. 

Unlike the Myrtle Beach 1% tourism tax that effects any and everyone who buys anything in the city of Myrtle Beach, the North Myrtle Beach proposal would only effect those who visit and stay at participating North Myrtle hotels. 

The proposal is not a done deal just yet, hop on over to for the full write-up and video. Will it bring in $30 million dollars like the Myrtle Beach Tourism Development Fee? Probably not. However, it won't nickle and dime the locals who work, live and play along the Grand Strand.