Surplus of kittens available

Image by flickr user eye of einsteinImage by 20080630kittens.jpg Kittens like these need your help.

Not to tug at your heart, but if you've been thinking about getting a kitten, now's a good time. The Summerville SPCA has a surplus of kittens available.

And captivity doesn't suit kittens well, as they have weak immune systems. They can get puffy eyes, runny noses, and shortness of breath. All that can lead to pneumonia, which often requires the animals to be put down.

Usually the facility has six to eight kittens, now they have around 40.

You can see the pets they have available for adoption online, also many are available in Charleston. To find out more, call 843-871-3820, or e-mail Here's a map of the facility's location.

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