Thousands call in sick from work, epidemic or Super Bowl?

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It's the Monday after the Super Bowl and all across the country an average of six percent of workers call in sick and locally this is no different. 

Local employers are expecting sick calls this morning and throughout the day from their employees. Employers are just waiting for the calls from employees with excuses that range from flat tire to stomach bug and, of course, if you have children, the "no one to watch my sick kid."

While those hungover employees think they're being smooth and there is no possible way for their boss to see through their cunning ruse, local employers have one thing to say to them: prove it. 

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While the Monday after the Super Bowl might be bad for business, one business is booming today - antacid manufacturers. "Typically, antacid sales increase 20 percent the day after the game. Maybe all those people really are sick after all."

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