Sunday alcohol sales to get public hearing in Dorchester

Dorchester County Council gave 5-1 initial approval to allowing Sunday alcohol sales. The council will now put the issue before a public hearing at a yet-to-be-announced date.

In the end, council must approve the measure two more times, and voters would have to OK Sunday alcohol sales on the November ballot.

beerThe state says no. See the counties and towns that say yes.We covered the issue yesterday, but the proposal by Dorchester County Council to allow Sunday sales across the county has been met with mixed feelings. On one hand, people see how the policy only drives business from dry bars to wet ones across the street, but many folks still believe keeping alcohol shelved on Sundays helps breed wholesomeness.

Also, Dorchester County is eyeing the additional revenue Sunday sales could provide. The Post and Courier goes into the nitty gritty.