About the outcry on the Coliseum logo contest

Image by 20090506-pac.jpg Sometimes the bare basics are enough, and sometimes they aren't.

Being someone in the design field and having seen two bits of heated criticism on the contest to design a trio of logos for the Coliseum and Performing Arts Center, I thought I would share my own 2 cents on the issue.

First off, if you're unaware, the contest calls for participants to design three new logos. One for the Coliseum, one for the Performing Arts Center, and a combined logo for both facilities. The winner would receive admittedly meager prizes: "Acknowledgement on Coliseumpac.com and in an ad in the Post & Courier. Two tickets to an upcoming event (to be chosen by NCC). And finally, a $50 gift certificate from Centerplate to be redeemed for food or beverages at the Coliseum & Perfroming Arts Center."

I think the problem here is a question of who their audience is.

I understand that the offer is demeaning when/if proposed to us "trained professionals" but nothing about the offer or my e-mailing with the Coliseum makes me think that;s who they were aiming for.

But, it looks to me the offer is aimed at those who enjoy attending the Coliseum and might fancy themselves a designer -- and while what those folks come up with won't be stellar, let's be honest, it will probably beat out what they have now.

However, if the Coliseum sent out five-page proposals to designers in boxes that I wasn't aware of, then I'd be pissed, too.

If the Coliseum wants to pay for junk food, expects junk food, and is OK with eating junk food, then I've got no problem with it.

I do fear that reporting on the issue like we saw in today's Post and Courier paints us designers an elite bunch that feel like anyone who wants a logo should have to shell out a couple grand.

But, this is just my two cents written in about 20 mintues.

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