To the women in my life

Me, My mother and Great Great Grandmother May Noble. Circa '82(?)

To my Mother....

Strong willed, pigheaded,  but very vulnerable -these are all words people have used to describe me.

But, really, they are all traits that I got from my mother. For many years in my life it was just her and I. She taught me the best she could on how to become a man. She taught me how to be strong under pressure. But also taught me it was OK to cry now-and-again. I didn't listen quite enough back when I was a kid, and a lot of times even today it seems I'm not listening to advice -but know I do take it all in and process it in my own way. And, admittedly, sometimes, it's not the best way. 

Mom, you sacrificed a lot for Ben and I. Sometimes your happiness, other times a meal. You put your life on hold for quite awhile. You were an inspiration when you went back to school and finished college. We basically grew up together. 

I thank you mom for always being there when we were little, and I thank you more so now -but, in my own way. 

To Jess.....

I want to thank you for the best gift anyone could give a man, our son. He is truly a gift that keeps on giving everyday. You are a wonderful mother: so caring, loving and understanding with him. And you are also one of the strongest women I know.

I thank you for all that you do for our son. And Liam thanks you for being his Mommy. 

All the other women in my life....

From family to friends -mothers, grandmothers, cousins, aunts and soon to be mothers- you have all taught me so much. I hold you all in my heart. I cherish every moment we have had together, miss those of you who are gone. Countless stories. Countless little life lessons. You all have taught me in some way. 

Thank you. 

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