A squeeze on popularity: City cracks down on bar overcrowding

Image by Flickr user Streb Image by 20090206-occupancy.jpg If I can't get to the bar, the lack of alcohol tends to send me packing anyways.

If the crowd in your favorite bar has seemed thinner and the line longer, it's likely a by product of the stepped-up code enforcement, particularly for having more than the number of allowed people in the building.

The City of Charleston has more fire marshals hitting bars and restaurants to count the number of people and looking for blocked doors, missing sprinklers, and their ilk.

The Charleston City Paper reports on it, and most notably cites how maximum attendance at the Music Farm had to be cut last week by 67% -- from 960 people to 299 -- as there were too few sprinkler in the building.

Hop over to their article for the who, what, and why.