Budget cuts, layoffs but Haley, Loftis increase staff & pay

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We have talked about it many times here on TheDigitel, budgets getting cut, belts tightening, jobs being lost but, it turns out not all practising what they are preaching.

In the past months we've seen South Carolina teachers protest cuts to education. We've seen cuts to inspections of Day Cares. Also we've see cuts to the funding for the mentally ill. There are probably many more budget cuts that we couldn't name them all here.

But, thanks to WIS we now learn that Governor Haley and treasurer Curtis Loftis both increased staff and increased salaries for certain staffers. In the Governors defense, her employee budget overall is less than former Governor Sanford's.

However, their excuse of people doing more work in her administration and therefore deserve more pay seems a bit silly these days, considering millions of Americans are being asked the same thing and haven't received any sort of raise in years.

Watch WISTV's video below and head over to read the full story.

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