Horry County decides on the future of Sweepstakes machines today

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Update February 7th: An Horry County committee is scheduled to meet today to decide the fate of Sweepstakes machines in the area. 

WBTW has all the info on today's meeting.

Update January 17th at 2:51 p.m: The Sun News has some info on local busts, "21 computers seized in Myrtle Beach gambling investigation" no arrests were made. 

First Report: According to the site GrandStrandDaily.com a bill aimed to take all "ambiguous language" out of existing law will effectively ban all Internet Sweepstakes in the state. 

The bill has passed its second read in the Senate but needs a third read before going on to the House. GrandStrandDaily.com also points out that several Sweepstakes businesses were busted locally. 

via GSD

Currently, Horry County government refuses to issue business licenses to internet sweepstakes operators while the city of Myrtle Beach government issues business licenses to operators of internet sweepstakes games.

Coincidentally, we got an Open Community submission on Tuesday evening that alerted us to a Sweepstakes bust and shut down across from Ocean Lakes Campground

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