Race for the 7th: Vick makes it official, Coach Bennett to join race? (Update: Coach Bennett will not run)


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Ted Vick made it known a while back his intent on running for the new 7th District seat which includes Horry, Florence, and Georgetown Counties. Vick hadn't made his announcement official until yesterday, March 21, 2012. 

Vick, one of four Democrats in a race filled with ten Republicans, filed his paperwork yesterday.

via TedVickForCongress.com

A businessman, a farmer, a pastor, a sportsman, a soldier and a state representative, Ted Vick learned early in life that hard work is the only key to success.

Ted is running for Congress to return values like hard work, common sense, and bipartisanship to Washington. Like most of us, Ted is fed up with the partisanship that blocks progress. He is committed to working with both sides of the aisle to get our economy back on track, reduce the deficit, cut wasteful spending, balance the budget and reduce the influence of powerful special interest groups.

Currently, Vick is a member of the South Carolina Legislature representing Chesterfield County. Below is a video of State Senator Vincent Sheheen (D) endorsing Vick back on May 15th. 

Additionally, rumors are swirling regarding the likelihood of former CCU Football coach, David Bennett throwing his hat in the 7th District race. Bennett is a Cheraw, SC native with huge name recognition in this region of South Carolina, and perhaps around the country thanks to his now legendary 'Cats and Dogs' speech that went viral months back. 

This news item first appeared over at Grand Strand Daily a couple of days ago, so hop on over and give their write-up a read. 

 Update March 29, 2012: WPDE reports that former CCU Coach David Bennett has decided not to run for a 7th District Congressional seat. 

The WPDE article quotes Bennett, stating:

I have felt an adrenaline rush to be a part of the race of the new district from Horry which is our home to Chesterfield county which is the home that I'm from," explained Bennett. "We made a family decision that it'd be tough to do because there's so many to me great friends that are running. Our wish is that and our prayer is that whoever wins, be it a Republican or a Democrat, that they will put God first. They will put family right after God.

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