Women's Leadership Institute

Improv for Business - Grow with the Flow

Our “Grow with the Flow” workshop takes you through interactive improvisational exercises to demonstrate how using basic improv skills every day can open up new professional connections and creative pathways. Learn to make better offers to your clients, accept new ideas from unexpected places and “Yes, And” your way to building a story that will help you grow your business! Led by experienced improv performers with real corporate jobs and entrepreneurial expertise, our workshops bridge the skills and art of improvisation with business practices to enhance your professional toolkit.

• Discover how the rules of improvisation help you play better with others and achieve collaborative results.
• Find new ways to interact with the world that will open doors to creative thinking and innovation
• Learn techniques that enhance your ability to listen for new ideas and create impactful partnerships

Elizabeth Beasley and Allison Gilmore, DuMore Improv

February 16

9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

Cost: $35
Registration required

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