Films that didn't make the P&C's final five (updated x6)

Image by 20090307-film-fest.jpg A frame grab from "Just a Bad Day!"

Only five submissions made it into The Post and Courier's "28 Day Film Festival." Many were cut for various reasons: The contestants were too young, the paper wasn't properly included, someone cursed, or maybe someone just didn't like it.

But, we figured we'd offer a place where they could all be seen. If you've got a vide you'd like us to share, just let us know where it is in the comments below, or feel free to e-mail it over contact [at]

"Jupiter Grid Seven"

"Just a Bad Day!."

Update March 9: Here's another: "For All My Sins".

Update March 10: And, another: Oyster Man Mike.

Update March 12: We've got another quirky one: My Boyfriend Is Back.

Update March 12, evening: And we've got anther: "Toying with Life." It's a bit on the somber side.

Update March 13: Two more: Bryan tells of a "A Cosmic Relief."

And Michael's
"Keyless Entry, The Story of a Newspaper Spurned."

Update March 14: "Smarty: A tell-it-like-it-is hairdresser tells it like it is."

If you've got a film that didn't make the cut, put it online and we'll more than gladly share it.