Golf in Myrtle Beach? There's an app for that

Golf in #MYR...There is an app for that

Golf is a favorite pastime here in Myrtle Beach. With many golf courses to choose from it can be a daunting task. However, with the right tools and technology picking the right course can make the difference in a perfect golf outing.

Our friends over at The Sun News posted a blurb about a large golf publication putting out a golf app that showcases courses in South Carolina. We here at TheDigitel wanted to highlight a local app developer whose national golf app, Par 4 The Course, features the golf courses the people in Myrtle Beach want to know about.

Developed by ConceptCache's founder Harry Wynn shortly after relocating to Myrtle Beach, Par 4 The Course has experienced moderate success in Apple iTunes App Store.

Wynn states:

Myrtle Beach is a prime spot to develop mobile web technology. By combining the passions of visitors (and local's alike) with mobile web technology, I have been able to tap into a missing link (pun intended) here at the beach.   

Par 4 The Course allows players to view detailed statistics for 15,000 golf courses across the United States, including right here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Information such as grass type, yardage markers, course fees and current weather conditions are at your fingertips. 

Using the iPhone's location features, Par 4 The Course automatically determines all of the courses within 25 miles of your current location, ordering them by the closest course first. Fast access to the course's address and phone number allow golfer's to set up a tee time.

As the beach continues to promote itself as a golf mecca, Wynn continues to promote Myrtle Beach as a natural place for other tech companies to look at. Through telecommuting, Wynn is able to hold down many large contracts across the United States while enjoying the beach lifestyle. When asked what new opportunities lay ahead for mobile development tapping into the nature of the Grand Strand, Wynn stated:

Getting business to see value in mobile development is key. There are plenty of fly by night developers out there that can sell you a mobile app, but very few that can deliver. I have been developing mobile apps for Apple, Blackberry, Android, and PalmOS for sometime now. I have a few new projects in the works that I am pretty excited about. 

Par 4 The Course downloads in the App store tend to peek in the Spring and Fall months. Sales tend to correlate with the golfing seasons here in Myrtle Beach. When asked if there are any new features on the way for Par 4 The Course, Wynn has this to say:

With enough money, anything is possible. :) I am always looking for additional partnerships to tie in with my app.

You can check out Par 4 The Course in Apple's iTunes Store.

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