Stand Up Comedy Series

The comedians have been revealed for our next Stand Up Comedy Series Show.  Dusty Slay will take over the reigns as host with comedians Jenn Snyder, Neil Bansil, and Jeremy McLellan.

slay(1)Dusty Slay
Who is Dusty Slay? You mean besides a hero? Dusty Slay is the winner of the 2011 and 2012 Charleston Comedy Festivals Stand Up Competition and was voted “2013 Best Local Comic” by the readers of the Charleston City Paper. Dusty is a company member with Theatre 99 where he also hosts a monthly show “Dusty Slay’s Homegrown Stand Up Showcase.” Please visit for more information or on twitter @dustyslay




Jenn Snyder
At 5’2, Comedian Jenn Snyder packs a whole lot of funny in her one-two punch style of comedy. Topics ranging from her days of growing up as a lesbian in a “good ol’ boy” town, to dealing with the public on a daily basis, this comedian will pull you in with her stories and leave you wanting more with her quick wit and hilarious observations. Jenn was born and raised in Columbia S.C. and started doing comedy at the young age of thirteen.

Neil Bansil 4

Neil Bansil
Neil Bansil has performed in a variety of venues in Toronto and abroad including the Funny Farm in Atlanta, Toronto’s Yuk Yuk’s, The Rivoli, as well as the Boston Comedy Club in New York City. He is the creator and producer of “The Most RACES Show on Earth!” as well as the owner of What’s Really Good? Productions – producers of the best culture based stand-up comedy shows.  Neil has a degree in English from York University and a post-graduate certificate in Comedy: Writing and Performance from the Humber School of Comedy, making him virtually unemployable.  Born and raised in Toronto, Neil now makes his home in Charleston, SC, joining the 10 to 20 other Filipino people who also live there.


Jeremy McLellan
Known all around the world as “that guy who got kneed in the crotch by Jim Cantore” even though that wasn’t him, Jeremy McLellan excels at witty, intelligent humor that will make you laugh so hard you’ll feel like you got kneed in the crotch. Too smart for his own britches, Jeremy’s comedy has it all: politics, race, gender, disability, religion, and yes, even soundtracks. Grab your passport, because Jeremy’s mind is a foreign country. They do things differently there.