Teenager dead in North Charleston's first homicide of 2009

I missed the reporting of this crime on Thursday, January 8, but despite the untimeliness of my connecting, it's still quite moving.

Parrish Greene, 17, is dead in North Charleston first homicide of 2009.

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The Post and Courier has the best reporting on it, in part:

Greene flinched in surprise at the blast and then ran for his life, but the gunman followed and kept shooting until the 17-year-old lay dead under an oak tree behind Mary Ford Elementary School, Walker said.

Minutes later Thursday night, his mother was at the scene, rocking herself back and forth, crying out in grief.

"Oh, oh," she said, over and over.

Though little is clear, it may be that Greene was not even the intended target.

Head over to The Post and Courier for the story.

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