Checking out Spoleto's venues ... by bike

Image by Geoff Marshall/The DigitelImage by danbike09.jpg

A former writer for the Post & Courier, and resident of Charleston since 1994, Dan Conover has seen fifteen Spoletos and Piccolo Spoletos come and go over time.

Get more coverage in our Spoleto special section. A few years back, he started taking a bicycle ride around town on the eve of the festival to see what the mood was like in the city, and as a noted blogger in the local community, Dan is never short on a word or two to say what he really thinks about things; be it positive, negative or maybe a little cycnical at times. But hey, what's art, if it doesn't have its critics?

So we followed him around on his bike on Wednesday afternoon to get the lowdown on Spoleto -- from a bike.

I admit the video is a little lengthy at 6 minutes long, but we also think you'll find its worth watching.