Pecha Kucha a smashing success, once again (updated)

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Update March 3: has just added a smattering of videos with the personalities from Pecha Kucha Charleston and a blog post about the event.

First reporting:

After having a smashing success in November, Pecha Kucha Charleston wasted no time in organizing a second showing.

So, you, dear reader, fall into one of two categories: You know what I'm talking about and just want to watch the video. If so, go watch the 60-second wrap and check out the links below. And now, onto group two.

Dear those not in the know ...

Pronounced "peh-cha ku-cha," the word is Japanese for the sound of conversation, the event is essentially a series of clever presentations by clever folks. They generally focus on design, art, photography, culture, and the like. But, to keep things concise and hoping, each presenter only gets to present 20 slides for 20 seconds each.

The Charleston event is part of a loose international organization that promotes the concept.

Assorted items

If you want details on where, when, and how Pecha Kucha Charleston 2 happened, head here.

In a grandiose display of tech savviness, content was pulled from e-mail, text messaging, Flick, and Twitter to appear live at the event. You can see those message here. Also check out the Twitter conversation around the event.

Want a more traditional write-up of the event? Head over to The Charleston City Paper.

Learn more about this event and past ones on our Pecha Kucha topic page.

More videos, photos, and write-ups will likely be coming. We'll update this page.