Charleston Kids with Cameras visit the Yorktown

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Children buzzed around the USS Yorktown on Sunday afternoon, learning a little history, enjoying a day out, and a whole bunch of them were taking photos.

Some of those kids were from Charleston Kids with Cameras, a photography mentoring project for kids living in Charleston housing authority developments.

Their team of mentors go with them two Sundays a month, taking them to cool places where they can take photographs. Those sessions are always followed up with a workshop where they can review, edit, print and write about the pics that they took.

"Some of the kids have real talent, and you can't teach that, they have an eye for things, and sometimes I'm amazed when we go through and have our review days and we're looking at stuff, and i'm like 'Wow!'," says Melissa Haneline, one of the mentors, and a photographer for The Post and Courier. "I would have been happy to take that picture, and I'm a paid professional! It's very cool to see how they see."

Does Haneline worry that they might be after her job?

Lauren Johnson, vice chair for the group, is very happy that one of the kids has been asked recently to audition with the Charleston County School of the Arts.

"It's a huge boost to their self esteem. A lot of these kids are run down and are put down a lot of times, so for that to happen is just so great," says Johnson.

The group is always looking for volunteers to join as mentors -- and they are funded purely by donations. If you want to get involved, email them at

Our videographer Geoff Marshall caught up with them as they explored the USS Yorktown, snapping away. And, if you haven't already watched it, he shares the video at the top of the page.