Charleston earns 'Most Mannerly City in America Lifetime Achievement Award'

Image by Flickr user jeremypullen Image by 20090521-park.jpg Oh, you beautiful Savannah, you.

Charleston has ceded its spot as the most mannerly city in the nation, saying that it was becoming a bit crass to continue holding the title for nearly a dozen years.

So now the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette has decided it will give Charleston a "Lifetime Achievement Award" so that other cities may take the title.

Just move past the question of how a city can earn a "lifetime achievement award," and know that this year that the "America’s Most Mannerly City" title is going to Savannah.

Charleston received 25% of the votes; Savannah received 5% of the votes for 2008.

Don't like Savannah taking the title? Well vote for a different city to win next year.

You can learn more about the competition in this press release, or this Associated Press write-up.

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