Video Blog Series "CassinaTV" promotes Local Businesses

The Cassina Group’s “roving reporter” highlights the Historical Charleston Foundation in its second installment of its new video blog series, CassinaTV.

CassinaTV promotes local businesses through a series of short videos featuring local restaurants, stores and organizations each month. The Cassina Group hopes this innovative resource will help Charleston residents learn more about their community and its local offerings.

“CassinaTV allows us to share with our viewers some of the reasons why we love Charleston. By promoting all things local and highlighting businesses in our community we can act as a valuable resource to the residents of Charleston and help feed our local economy,” said Robertson Allen, owner and broker in charge of The Cassina Group.

In this month’s installment, CassinaTV presents the Historical Charleston Foundation. From local events and tours to outreach and education, Historical Charleston Foundation offers a wide array of opportunities for Charleston residents to experience. Viewers can expect to learn about the importance of preserving the culture, environment and architecture of historic Charleston and how the past plays a role in shaping the future growth of the city.

In addition, Historical Charleston Foundation will guest post on The Cassina Group’s blog each month. Visit the blog on August 15th for Historical Charleston Foundation’s first blog post.

“We are so thrilled and honored to work with the Historical Charleston Foundation and offer our readers an opportunity to learn more about historic Charleston real estate and how to preserve our city’s beautiful homes. We believe these blog posts will be a great resource for our readers and will help our community to continue to preserve the charm of historical Charleston,” said Jimmy Dye, owner and broker at The Cassina Group.

Viewers can follow CassinaTV’s roving reporter as she shines the spotlight on local businesses by visiting on the first of each month for a new episode.