We hung out our shingle on Church Street, just off Market Street downtown.

Happy First Birthday, Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre!

On August 2, 2012, few passersby likely took notice when yet another mom-and-pop business 

opened in downtown Charleston – but over the next 365 days a whole lot of people discovered 

that a few hours inside a cozy, intimate theatre at 164 Church Street could make a world of 

difference in your mood.  Inspector NoClue’s Murder Mystery (still playing to sell-out houses) 

was the first of five shows to run for a total of 245 theatrical performances over the last year.   


It hasn’t pleased everyone – they say that can’t be done – but the Black Fedora has shared laughs 

with more than 7,200 guests from fifty states and five continents, hundreds taking up roles 

themselves at the Theatre Where the Audience is the Star; and so many followed up their visit 

with such kind words online that barely to the end of Year 1 we are humbled to find the Black 

Fedora ranked in the top 21 attractions in Charleston according to TripAdvisor.com.   


And then there’s the team of 30- plus actors who have graced our stage and our hearts. Our six 

year-old perhaps said it best when after returning from a night hanging around “backstage” she 

exclaimed, “You know, for a teeny-tiny actors’ room, there sure are a lot of laughs coming out of 

there!”  Yes, in fact, for one little theatre that doesn’t take itself seriously at all, there have been a 

whole lot of laughs coming out of there all year long.   


Happy 1st Birthday, Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre – thanks for a wonderful year!  (And 

FYI … you ain’t seen nothing yet …)