Horry County Schools officials want more details on Haley's funding plan for education

Some Horry County Schools officials are cautiously optimistic about Gov. Nikki Haley’s new K-12 Education Reform Initiative, saying they are happy she is emphasizing education, but more details are needed on how the initiative will affect Horry County.

“Anything to improve education is a good thing,” said Horry County school board member Jeffrey Garland, citing money for technology and reading coaches as a positive move, “but the details for the funding formula haven’t come up – that could be good or bad.”

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Board members of the school

Board members of the school are think Nikki Haley`s Funding plan help the schools for gathering technology and improving in education as per the custom essay news. Horry county schools are waiting for the clear details from the new K-12 education reforms. The school board members are expecting good reforms to take place which will help in improving education In schools.