MB area Soda stream co2 Carbonation tank Refills at a fraction of the cost

I can refill your soda stream soda club or alco jet c02 tanks

Tired of over paying for soda stream c02 tank exchanges. I can save you a bundle by refilling your soda stream c02 tanks.

I calculated that I spend over $800 dollars a year on sparkling carbonated water alone not including soda. I then calculated That I could cut that to $500 per year using a soda stream to make my own.
Then I calculated that I could spend $50-100 per year refilling my own soda stream c02 tanks.

That's a savings of over $700 dollar per year.
I can pass these savings on to you by exchanging/refilling your soda stream c02 bottles starting at $5 dollars a 60l tank (14.5oz) v/s an exchange in the store for $16.35 w tax saving you 11.35 per refill.

I only use food/restaurant grade c02 and refilling equipment.

for more info email: sales@sodaclubonline.com