MUD LIFE -A look at the food around us

via The Weekly Surge:

Places are often defined and recognized by their native cuisine. Sure, there are other dimensions, but the music, the arts and the foods give a region its flavor. Go to New Orleans, it’s crawfish and beignets. Go to New England, it’s lobsters and chowders. Go to Santa Fe, New Mexico – the city has its own damn southwestern flavor named after it. San Francisco equals sourdough. The Carolinas are famous for pulled pork. The list goes on and on.

As Grand Stranders, we live on a strip of land that’s surrounded by water, by inlets and marshes. In being inhabitants of a salt water community, we should begin to embrace the food that surrounds us – shellfish – blue crabs, mussels, clams and the mother of all shellfish, the oyster. Hell, it’s such a matriarch to other mollusks that oyster shells are lined with mother of pearl.

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