South Carolina awarded $2.4 million to 14 different projects across the state.

Grand Strand startups get a boost with large SC grant

The Grand Strand Technology Council has received a $250,000 state grant, the maximum award possible, to help the Grand Strand Startup Initiative, a collaborative plan to foster the development of startups in the region.

Today the Office of Innovation in the South Carolina Department of Commerce announced the recipients of their inagural grant program aimed at furthering high-tech and entreprenuerial development. The grants totaled $2.4 million distributed across 14 different projects across the state. The GSSI was the only recipient in Georgetown or Horry county. You can see the full award list and more details here.

The non-profit Grand Strand Startup Initiative is a long term, multi-faceted plan that has the main goal of further developing the startup community with the intention of diversifiying the region's economy with new job creating industries. This initiative is the fruition of the long term vision we had when we started Cowork MYR to give entrpreneurs a place to work together. Over the past 2 years of informally promoting entreprenuerialism and startups with practically no resources, we had the experience to architect a well thought out plan that intends to be self sustainable. A economic impact study by Henry Lowenstein estimates the fully executed plan would bring nearly 400 high paying jobs over the next 3 years to Georgetown and Horry county.

More details about the GSSI will be revealed in the coming months. First steps in the plan is establishing a large facility in the North Litchfield area of Georgetown County that will be a combination of coworking space, startup accelerator, and business incubator. The award requires a match of funds which the GSSI intends to raise from revenue providing education and support services to the tech startup community combined with donations, grants, and corporate sponsorships. 

Disclosure: TheDigitel Myrtle Beach and Cowork MYR are owned by Cubic Phase Inc and I own majority share. Cubic Phase Inc has been a part of the planning and development of the Grand Strand Startup Initiative.

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Grand Strand startups get a

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