Ongoing International Drive delays trigger petition; environmentalists continue study on bear crossings

Felicia Soto and her husband Luis bought a home along S.C. 90 seven years ago under the premise that International Drive would be paved by 2013 to allow for easier access between S.C. 90 and Carolina Forest.

It’s 2015, and no dirt has been moved. 

“It’s not primarily for our home values,” said Felicia Soto, whose home is about a quarter mile from where International Drive and S.C. 90 would meet. “Yes, we’d love our home values to go up, but more importantly it’s really for safety.”

“This is a road that isn’t just a convenience road,” she said, referencing the 2013 nearby Windsor Green fire that impacted 110 condominiums and 26 buildings. “If that happened here, we wouldn’t have had access to get out of here. This really is long, long overdue... What is the constant delay?”