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Night time neon 5K coming to Myrtle Beach this summer

The Neon Vibe is a run/walk 5k that will be happening here in Myrtle Beach on Saturday, July 6th. A night time footrace doesn't sound too safe but the course and participants will be glowing in a variety of neon colors and will take place at the Myrtle Beach Speedway. 


The Neon Vibe 5k is an after-dark, fluorescent glow light fun run (THIS IS NOT A RAVE). Each course is designed to light up the night with several UV black light glow-zones, upbeat dance music, and amped runners who are dressed up and ready to party. Although it is a 5k and you can run as hard as you’d like, most just want to light-it-up, have a good time throughout the 3.1 mile course, and dance their way to the finish. The fun doesn't end there because the after-vibe celebration near the finish line is the best part of the Neon Vibe experience!

The race is an all-ages affair and more FAQs about the Neon Vibe 5K can be found here. If you would like to sign-up a team hop on over to their registration page

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