graw foods successfully funds Kickstarter campaign

Charleston, S.C. (July 8, 2013) - Charleston based healthy snack company graw foods announced today that it has successfully completed and met its pledge goal for its recent "graw-to-go" Kickstarter project. With a goal of $3888 graw foods actually reached $4360 for a funding rate of 112%. "We are incredibly excited and thankful to our supporters to have become one of only 61 local Charleston projects to have successfully funded on Kickstarter, and only the 2nd food related project as well" said Mitch White, graw foods President & CEO. "Our new graw-to-go snack line will be out by August and I am personally excited to see the new tubes and canisters that all of our products will soon be in as a result of our Kickstarter success" added Natalie Shultz, VP graw foods. Since getting the news that they had reached their goal the graw foods team has been able to go ahead and place orders with some of the local vendors they had planned on using to supply ingredients for the new line. "The support that graw foods received from the Kickstarter campaign truly is an shining example of how local businesses can help each other, because we can now utilize more and more local resources as we grow" said Ken Immer, Founder & COO of graw foods.  

About graw foods

Graw foods is known in the south region as being a leading innovator in manufacturing raw, sprouted and gluten free snacks such as: grawnola, grawlmonds and their most recently launched gluten free bread crumbs called graw crumbs.Originally created by Holistic Chef Ken Immer as an outlet for foods he was producing for his private chef clientele graw foods took on a life of it's own and the products are carried through much of the eastern half of the US. "Natalie Shultz, VP and partner, has opened up a new world of markets for us and this year is our launch into nationwide marketing and sales." said Ken, "and Mitch White, our President & CEO, has put in place a structure for our company over the last 3 years that is allowing us to go to the next level while growing the company an average of 100% per year since coming on to run it in 2010."

 graw foods products are available in more than 300 stores in 26 states. To learn more about graw foods, visit  

About Kickstarter

Kickstarter is the worlds leading online crowdfunding tool, which is the newest way for people to and projects looking for funding to connect. Through small donations that people pledge on the Kickstarter website projects can get funded. The owner of the project launches a campaign which describes the project and the amount of money they are trying to raise. By the end of the time line (usually about 30 days) if the project receives the goal amount or more then the project gets funded. If they come up short then all the money pledged is returned to the backer and the project receives no money. It's the cool new way for people to be part of something bigger and be able to say they helped make it happen. 


To learn more about the project, please contact

Natalie Shultz

5805 Campbell St

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